The Divine Matchmaker

JoelJohnson Casey Johnson March 12, 2020

The Divine Matchmaker JoelJohnson Casey Johnson PRELUDE Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one John Keats, Finding true love is priceless For many, living a lifetime falling in love with the one you love is only a dream Can you put a price tag on finding the one who loves you heart soul solely for your heart There s no monetary equivalent to finding the Love of your Life WouPRELUDE Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one John Keats, Finding true love is priceless For many, living a lifetime falling in love with the one you love is only a dream Can you put a price tag on finding the one who loves you heart soul solely for your heart There s no monetary equivalent to finding the Love of your Life Wouldn t it be great if you had someone, versed in the ways of love, to help find your One and Only That s what hundreds of men and women do on the hit reality TV show The Millionaire Matchmaker For tens of thousands of dollars, millionaire bachelors hire Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker, to help them find the only thing they haven t acquired, their True Love Patti has a massive index of the most eligible men and women in Southern California and boasts of having a 98% match success rate Watch out e harmony If we all had a matchmaker this successful to help us find Mr or Miss Right and avoid Mr or Miss Wrong, it might make some of us feel a little better about our chances of finding our true love Though Patti s operation is impressive, wouldn t it be great to have a matchmaker who had an even bigger Rolodex than her Let s say someone who had access to the most eligible individuals across the country or, for you international types, across the world You might even feel better about your chances of finding your soul mate, if this matchmaker was a personal family friend, had watched you grow up, knew pretty much everything about you and had offered their matchmaking services when ever you were in need of them I think many of us would I hope it won t come as a surprise, when I tell you that I employed someone much like this to help me find Casey, the absolute Love of my Life Without hesitation, I can say, that the time, training and money I invested totally paid off Like my matchmaker told me, you can t put a price tag on finding everlasting love If you re single, you might be thinking you would be interested in getting his business card Even if you re not in the market right now, it might be good to have his contact info for some other time I promise, if you ve seen the film Hitch, He s the real life Alex Hitchens, only better He s incredibly smooth a true Love Doctor He s helped even the most romantically challenged individuals find their way down love s, occasionally bumpy, path His staff services a 24 hour a day help line He has a global database and connections everywhere He is the world s foremost expert on love and a divine matchmaker I relied upon his advice every step of the way and now I am hopelessly in love with the woman of my dreams He led me into a romance with the right person at the right time and for that I am forever appreciative Surprisingly, most people have heard of my matchmaker, but had no idea that he was so proficient in the art You may be asking who this love guru is His name is God While many lovers often believe they are truly a match made in heaven, few would go as far as to say that God, himself, was their Matchmaker I think this may be an expertise of his that many grossly under acknowledged today, but is clearly attributed to God throughout the Scripture Abraham was a believer in God s keen matchmaking ability This is undeniable, just look at the instruction he gives to his servant sent to pick up a wife for his son, Isaac He says, God will send his angel ahead of you to get a wife for my son Gen 24 7 Now if you ve heard this story before, you might gloss over this verse and continue with the story But if you stop and really think about what Abraham is saying, it is a bit bizarre I ve never heard anyone talk like this I ve never heard a pastor preach on this Actually, if anyone did say to me that God s angel was going to pick out my spouse, I would probably recommend an excellent twelve step program I know of For most of us, the idea of winged angelic beings making people fall in love isn t totally a foreign concept, but we just expect to find this type of thing on Valentine s cards or in Greek Mythology, not in the Bible So either Abraham was in need of some serious rehabilitation or maybe the person whom God called his good friend was on to something Is 41 8 The man sent to get Isaac s unknown bride also believed God was a matchmaker Abraham had instructed him to get a wife from his hometown, Nahor The servant came to a spring outside the city, where all the young ladies came to get water He prayed that God would reveal the young lady to him by a specific sign He would know it was her if when he asked for a drink of water and she would not only give him a drink but also offer to water all ten of his camels an act that would take hours of labor to accomplish When this happened, he would take it as a sign that God was working graciously behind the scenes Gen 24 14 The servant knew God was working behind the scenes the Matchmaker was on the move but asked for God s help to uncover who that person was As soon as the servant finished his prayer, he saw God begin to work A stunningly beautiful girl came with her jug to draw water from the spring Gen 24 16 Her name was Rebekah The servant asked her for a drink and she obliged him and then proceeded for the next few hours to water all of his camels until they had drunk their fill Gen 14 19 The servant silently watched her wondering, Was this God s answer Had God made his trip a success or not After she was done, the servant gave her five very expensive pieces of jewelry Can you imagine Rebekah s shock Her dinnertime spent serving at the well was rewarded with breakfast at Tiffany s The Bible says she ran back home to tell her parent s and if her neighborhood was as rough as mine growing up, I would have ran too, if I was carrying that much bling The servant came to Rebekah s house and discovered it was the very family Abraham desired his son s wife to come from He told them about the sign he had asked God for How Rebekah fulfilled it by watering his ten camels How he prayed, Let that woman be the wife God has picked out for my master s son and God worked behind the scenes to help him find the perfect match for Isaac The family agreed and replied, This is totally from God We have no say in the matter, either yes or no Gen 24 50 The next morning, the family asked the servant to let Rebekah stay a little while longer, but the servant said, Oh, don t make me wait God has worked out everything so well send me off to my master Gen 24 56 emphasis added Rebekah s family asked her, Do you want to go with this man Gen 24 56 Rebekah replied, I m ready to go Gen 24 58 When Isaac met her, he fell completely in love Rebekah had a ravishingly beautiful exterior, but her interior must have been just as captivating to Isaac, because he let her wholly into his heart Though there is not a lot of description of their early years together, we do know that after she came into his life, something shifted in his soul His heart became healthier His life became richer We know that at least one of the deepest wounds in Isaac s heart was healed through their union Through Rebekah, Isaac s heart finally found comfort after his mother s death Gen 24 67 They were truly a match made in heaven If God is a matchmaker and knows everything about you, and everything about everyone, wouldn t he know who your perfect match is If he s truly working behind the scenes trying to match you up with the right person, wouldn t it make sense to ask God for help uncovering who that person is It worked out well for Abraham s servant and, ultimately, for Isaac and Rebekah It might just work out well for you too God s divine handiwork has united many hearts with their True Love This can be observed all throughout Scripture and attested to by many who have followed his matchmaking advice today I followed his matchmaking advice and it worked out wonderfully for me He brought me to my true love, Casey, and I could never adequately express my gratitude to him for this In the pages ahead, we ll look at a few Biblical examples of the Divine Matchmaker at work, but mostly Casey and I will share about our experience working with him as he divinely orchestrated our love story We ll share some of his time tested tips, secrets, and wisdom so if you decide to use his services, you ll know how he works and be a little ahead of the game We really hope you ll use him There s no one who s been at it longer or is better at it than he However, if you do choose to go with him, you must remember though his principles on love are timeless he never brings two hearts together the same way Here s to your match made in heaven We hope you ll send us a wedding invitation.

The Divine Matchmaker JoelJohnson Casey Johnson

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